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The Heist


The Heist is a stunning vehicle racing game that mixes aspects of exploration and race driving.
You may choose from a variety of sports cars and trucks, including a machine-gun-equipped Hummer!
There are practically no restrictions on your ability to drive - no gas,
no traffic signals, no people - you may just drive at your leisure and go wherever the road leads.
Three amazing 3D towns are available in this driving game, and it is quite playable.
On the many bends and motorways, you may reach some astounding peak speeds and practice drifting.
You may practice your stunt driving in a variety of off-road locations in addition to the downtown.
You may personalize your car and modify the suspension, the sensitivity of the steering,
and other aspects for an exceptional degree of control.
Discover these lovely 3D environments and start living your driving fantasies immediately!

How to play The Heist?

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Use arrow keys to play
Use your mouse to play