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Drift Boss
 Drift Boss

Drift Boss


The drifting game Drift Boss uses straightforward concepts.
Get a high score by guiding your vehicle over challenging bends and turns and go as far as you can.
You will compete in an exhilarating drifting race in this game.
To go on the infinite track in this game, you must maintain your composure.
Based on the distance you have covered, your score is estimated.
Do your best to advance as far as you can to get the greatest score.
Be cautious! This course has several dangerous bends and turns.
To execute flawless drifts, you must release the left mouse button or press it at the proper moment.
When playing this game, timing and accuracy are critical.
Your vehicle will accelerate off of the racetrack immediately if you click or release too late.
So, you must exercise caution. To go farther, improve your score, and gather more money, you may make use of certain boosters.

How to play Drift Boss?

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Use arrow keys to play
Use your mouse to play