Stick Boost
Stick Boost
Stick Boost
Stick Boost
Stick Boost

Stick Boost


You have the best stickman army in your hands, clever tacticians.
Bring them to the field of combat now, and let them fight!
Help us merge and combine the strongest gun to win these merge wars by using your cunning technique.
To unite weak stickman guns into a stronger warrior and battle the boss, you must draw a line.
Keep in mind to not interrupt and to combine as many guns as you can.
The strength of the cannon increases as you combine more.
Additionally, you may improve the level to strengthen yourself with gold.
The likelihood of success increases with merging speed and strategy strength.
A stickman named Stick Merge is on a quest to halt an enemy assault. The action in this game never stops.

How to play Stick Boost?

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Use arrow keys to play
Use your mouse to play