Bomb It 7
Bomb It 7
Bomb It 7
Bomb It 7
Bomb It 7

Bomb It 7


While fighting at fast speeds, make explosives! In order to use explosives to destroy the opposition, Bomb It 7 will transport you to the Arcade or Battle Royale modes. Eat money and freeze the Ice Man creatures. You may increase the amount of damage you do by using flamethrowers, lightning, and doll bombs in every arena! The Bom It series has been incredibly popular to gamers all around the globe with fascinating bombing techniques that have come back and continuing with the current edition promising to deliver more exciting and distinctive enjoyment to. This game's design will appeal to players, particularly kids. Bom It 7game promises to be highly beautiful. There are still alien characters in this new game that will join the distinct maps to bomb and enjoy one another in an effort to determine who is the greatest in the map. You may choose the character, map, and game style that you like most before entering the exciting combat. You will need to use explosives to destroy the barriers there. From there, you will be able to approach and overcome your opponents. Also, you may get some really special objects that will be of great use to you, such as quick-acting medications, firearms for shooting, explosives to add, bombs with increased potency, etc. Use these items wisely.

Game Play

Key Features

💣 5 game modes

💣 Play up to 50 levels

💣 9 different maps with a unique effect

💣 3 difficulty options

💣 Unlockable hats and expressions

💣 Missions to complete

Game developer





Use arrow keys to play
Use your mouse to play