Amazing Rope Police
Amazing Rope Police
Amazing Rope Police
Amazing Rope Police
 Amazing Rope Police

Amazing Rope Police


Four to ten players are thrown into an alien spacecraft in the multiplayer game Amazing Rope Police.
Each participant is assigned a secret position as a "impostor" or "crewmate."

Game Play Amazing Rope Police?

For four to fifteen people, there is a multiplayer game called Amazing Rope Police.
Each round, the Impostor (or Impostors) are selected at random and in secret from up to three participants.
As of 2021, four playable maps are accessible: "The Airship," from Innersloth's Henry Stickmin series, "MIRA HQ,"
a planet base named "Polus," and a spacecraft called "The Skeld."
Ejecting all Impostors from the game or doing all given chores are the two ways the Crewmates may win.
Similarly, imposters have two methods to win: either by murdering or expelling every crew member,
or by damaging a crucial mechanism on the map (provided the Crewmates do not resolve it in time).
Crewmates are given "tasks" to accomplish across the world at the beginning of the game in the form of minigames,
minipuzzles, and easy toggles, most of which involve performing maintenance on crucial systems like repairing cables and downloading data.
While they are unable to finish activities, impostors may act as if they are in order to pass for real Crewmates by doing "fake" duties.
Nevertheless, imposters are capable of carrying out sabotage,
which may range from trivial (like turning off lights and rendering Crewmates blind) to serious (like turning off oxygen generators),
necessitating prompt retaliation on the part of Crewmates in order to avert their lives.
It is possible for imposters to infiltrate and move via ventilation ducts, or "venting," killing Crewmates who are close by.
There are numerous surveillance systems on each map, such as security cameras on The Skeld,
a doorlog system with sensors at MIRA Headquarters, and a vitals indicator in Polus that displays each player's current state of health,
in order to aid Crewmates in spotting Impostors.
Moreover, certain "visual chores" provide animated hints, such scanning oneself in the medbay of the Skeld.
Impostors are unable to accomplish jobs, therefore Crewmates must rely on visual tasks to
prove their identity to other Crewmates in the area.

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Use arrow keys to play